Funky Shoes – Top Makers and Designers of Funky Shoes

Funky Shoes are casual footwear that is designed to prevent slippage while adding fashion and style to its complete ensemble. This type of shoes comes into various colors, size and shapes. Funky shoes are widely accepted by young crowd everywhere as the shoe worn by one always go noticed. If you are among those who love things that are different in looks, or like to stand out in the crowd, the designers and makers can enhance your appearance by understanding unique sensibilities of yours.

Funky shoes fall under the category of irregular shoes and carrying such shoe in proper way is not everyone’s cup of tea. Funky shoes can be of any type, any shape or any bright and vibrant colour. You can choose a nice pair of shoe from generously embroidered slides to shoes adorned with plastic charms or metallic pink or orange ankle boots. If you really love to add a component of oddness to your outlook, and wish to have everybody’s eye on your foot, you will surely love those funky shoes from unusual choice created by the top makers and designers.

If you want to try really different and wild shoe for your feet, try the footwear designed by great Beverly Feldman. She is the one who adds glam Hollywood twist in her designer shoes. By adding lot of funk in her collection, she makes them completely irresistible for the fashionists and experiment lovers. Razzeteurs, animal print shoes, crystal embellishments, rose patterns on top, or clear heels, Beverly Feldman creation has always something unique and fresh to offer that makes it really demanding.

Other simple yet stylish shoes that is in among funky people, is designed by Rocket Dog. This designer offers those funky shoes that are cow-friendly. It includes shaggy pink high boots made with synthetic fur or sequin-covered thongs with wide foam heels. These are highly in demand and you can also increase make your collection outstanding by including one.

Funky shoes made by Icon are different from others. Through a unique heat transferring procedure, Icon imprints artistic images on their leather footwear that are extremely funky. These incorporate required amount of funk factor and are wearable too.

With nice, unique, artsy, colorful and funky shoes you can make yourself stand out of the crowd. No one of you wants to miss a chance to go shopping for new customized funky shoes to show off your style.

Fake Athletic Shoes- How to Identify Fake Athletic Shoes

Today, getting an original athletic shoe in the market has become die-hard difficulty for a customer. Market is flooded with the duplicate footwear or shoes. Now relying on the caption “If something seems too good to be true, it probably is” is foolishness. A person can be easily befooled by a shopkeeper in the name of original athletic shoes. According to a recent research, it has been found that manufacturing fake things, right from Nike shoes to the parts of airplane, has become a big business and helps those fake companies to earn million and billions of profit each year. If you are going out to shop one such shoe for yourself, spend sometime to assure yourself that you are not scammed by the fake products.

At first, make yourself learn about the brands or original logos an athletic shoe has. So when you go out, you can perfectly examine your type of shoe and judge its authenticity. It will also help you to spot fakes in the future as well. Some fakes can be easily recognized as the details on the shoes like colors, logos, stitching and packaging are off. But in most of the cases, knockoffs are so difficult to differentiate from the original ones that even experts find it hard to tell. So buying goods from a reputable showroom is the only way to get original stuff. Remember, shopkeeper dealing in fraudulent athletic shoes open and shut their shop quickly. If you are buying online, you need to take special care and need to have enough knowledge about the site. One important thing you can do regarding this is to check seller’s as well as buyers’ feedback and reviews. Also, determine the period, the seller has been into the business of selling athletic shoe on a specific auction site.

Another way to check the originality of the shoe you are buying is, try to pay the bill with your credit card. Credit cards offer some protection against scam. If the dealer has very limited range, hard-to-find or old and limited edition of athletic shoes that too at bargain prices, it increases the probability of being duplicate. Also watch out the descriptions like variants, factory variants, samples and customs while buying a shoe from an ordinary store. Samples made by the companies are normally in size 9. It is impossible to have sample in other sizes that are originally made by companies.

So, by keeping few important things in your mind, get original pair of athletic shoes and do not compromise with the comfort of your feet.

Gymnastics Shoes

Every man and woman from all across the globe is open to a sport like Gymnastic. This sport is enjoyed by each one of us because it gives immense pleasure and thrill to gymnasts. Many parents like to enroll their kids in gymnastics so as to increase their physical fitness it offers than any other sport. Like every other sport, gymnasts also need clothing that are specially designed for gymnastic and shoes that gives firm support to their feet.

There are several types of gymnastic shoes available in the market, of every size, shape and color. Now gymnastic shoes are no more a plain white canvas shoe, in fact it comes in various styles and colors that you can match them up with the dress you are wearing. One such shoe is made of durable leather that fits snugly to the feet with its oval throat upper design. The sole consists of thin toe rubber inside padding that gives extreme comfort to the user. This type of shoe has high quality leather sole with wide elastic ankle-snug and has purposeful bow draw string. Another shoe has triangular elastic throat on top. It has thick foam padded sole and is knurled, high in quality, and has flexible 3mm rubber in the bottom of it to provide positive traction to the wearer while vaulting or tumbling in gymnastics. One great gymnastic shoe is made of durable white washable canvas that has similar features like other type of gymnastic shoes. One more great option you have is of gymnastic beam shoe. This shoe really helps to provide cushion to your feet especially when you are performing leaps, jumps, flipping, or practicing gymnastic every day. A beam shoe protects your feet and makes your landing easy and painless by providing comfort and right fit. However, there are some gymnasts who dislike putting something on their feet, or by wearing a beam shoe, they feel that they will lost the entire beam.

A gymnast needs to dress up accordingly and covers his or her feet with comfy gymnastic shoe that helps him or her to radiate various forms of postures and expressions. If you are in the beginning of this sport and do not know how to buy a good gymnastic shoe, you can take help from internet or your instructor. Now a days, all popular brands are now launching new shoes which are ideal for gymnastics. The shoes are available in all ranges, from colors and shapes to style and sizes.

Comfort Shoes vs Stylish Shoes

Shoes are one of the most important dress components. They are not only important to walk, but they also play a vital part in enhancing our impression. While buying a shoe two things are considered by every buyer. First, the look of the shoes; how it is made, its color, and design, secondly, the comfort it provides to the foot while wearing.

Person to person the choices vary. Likewise the preferences of buying a shoe are also different in different peoples. Some buy a pair of shoes only because they are immensely attracted towards the shoe. No matter what, the importance of comfort cannot be ignored comparing to style.

Comfortable shoes provide maximum relaxation to foot where as it is not necessary that stylish footwear is relaxing too. Comfortable shoes are specially recommended by doctors and physicians in diseases like arthritis, bone defection, muscle pain and muscle rupture. Special foot care is needed by diabetics as they are inclined to get hurt more than others. A tiny foot abrasion can turn in to losing the very body part if not taken care of properly. Also these patients become victims of heel and foot pain due to high sugar levels. Such people require comfortable shoes, stylish won’t do for them.

Other than patients, many people get arch pain, and it becomes relatively important for them to buy a comfort shoes rather than a stylish footwear. Comfort shoes are more important than stylish shoes especially if you are in a profession that requires a lot of physical activity. Professionals that require foot reliance may include doctors, nurses, teachers, police officers, students, hikers, runners, and athletes.

A comfort shoes provides appropriate toe box space, whereas a stylish shoes is made in a way that it tightly grips the foot. It focuses style without keeping in view the style. The foot is often given a sleek look in which the comfort aspect dies away.

Comfort shoes can be easily worn at home anytime, whereas stylish shoes can only be worn on a party or occasion. Else, they can rest in the wardrobe waiting for the right time. Comfort shoes are structured according to the natural foot shape; hence they can be worn for long hours without much botheration. In contrast, stylish shoes can’t be worn easily for long hours; they can easily put you in stressful condition.

Comfort shoes are often more durable than stylish shoes.

Things to consider before purchasing expensive Shoes

No doubt about it that the levels of comfort and material’s quality of a pair of shoes depend on its price. But you must also keep this fact in mind that all cheap shoes are not inferior in quality and all highly-priced shoes do not offer always according to their price tags. So, you need to consider whether you are just throwing your money for a pair of shoes or does it really deserve for your hard-earned cash especially in these credit crunch stricken days.
If you are looking for an expensive, but high quality and stylish pair of designer shoes, these are the things that you must thoroughly check before making any purchase of these shoes.

1. Material
The materials used in a pair of shoes play the most important role in its price. If high quality leather and other specialty material is used in a pair of shoes its price would definitely be higher than the pair in which inferior quality material is used. Most of time, in an expensive pair of shoes usually natural materials are used that offer loads of comfort to your feet and these materials can easily be molded in elegant styles and designs. On the other hand, in a low-priced pair of shoes often synthetic materials are used.

2. Use of technology and research
These days different styles of shoes for men, women and kids are developed by featuring state-of-art footwear in them and similarly, thorough researches are also done in this connection. All these things contribute to add price in a pair of shoes. So, you must consider what features are available in your shoes and can the serve your purpose or not?

3. Branding
Usually, popular and established shoes brands have higher price tags than the less popular brands. There are high demands of popular brands and that’s why they are higher in cost.
Aside from these above stated things, you must also keep the comfort level and functionality of your shoes in mind.

Basketball Sneakers

Sport is the best way to keep you healthy, fit and fine. Different people choose different sports for themselves to remain healthy and active as per their body requirements and personal preferences. Amongst other sports, basketball is one that gathers a lot of people, not only as fans that sit and watch others playing but also many who jump in the field and play.

Nowadays we can see that an athlete’s clothing holds an important standing to give out the best performance. In sports outfits, footwear holds the most important place, as foot is the base of any performance whether sports or any other physical activity. In basketball, a lot of companies have gained fame with their awesome products.

There is a long list of footwear helping out an athlete to do their best with light in weight footwear without abrasive feet. Names like Converse, Nike, Reebok, Puma, and Dr. J are known in this regard, throughout the world.

Top rated Adidas’ MadClima has a special place in basketball teams; they can be easily seen worn by the whole team at the tournaments. These are made with high performance kept in view.  Performance based technology and the athletes demands, that’s what the design and structure of MadClima has been founded on. ClimaCool® is known especially for its high performance in the MadClima line.

With a strong urge to produce footwear for basketball is another name; Converse. Wade 4 is distinct basketball footwear inspired by the athlete and his sports. Converse has used its ‘Converse Suspend System’ to manufacture the high quality.

Puma is yet another high performing basketball sneakers. The famous basketball sneakers from Puma are Sky II High Weave, Basket II, Basket Flannel, and Mid Suede Shoes.

Reebok’s basketball footwear is not limited to athletes and adults only, but they are manufactured for children too. To let children develop their interest in basketball, Reebok has designed Little Kids ATR Flush and Reebok Insane Hoops Basketball Shoe. Reebok NBA Enigma II is another one, but for adults. Reebok has a wide range of basketball sneakers including BB4600 Ultra Hi Leather Basketball Shoes, ATR Pump Basketball shoe and ATR Too Easy Basketball Shoe.

Basketball athletes are much in love with Nike. A long list of Nike can be mentioned. Nike Air Flight, Nike Air Force 2, Nike Air Team Trust, Nike Huarache, Nike Zoom MVP, Nike Zoom Kobe and lots more.

Basketball sneakers are performance based, and hence they are made with the top quality materials providing accurate traction and firm grip to both foot and ground.

Bicycle Shoes

Firm unpadded sole is the thing that makes bicycle shoes different from some other sport shoes. With the help of these robust unpadded soles cyclists can easily transfer loads of energy from their feet to their bicycle’s pedals. Similarly, bicycle shoes have specific cleats that provide nice grip on the pedals. However, because of these specific cleats, it becomes somewhat difficult for cyclists to walk on flat surfaces and unlike other shoes of some sport activity, these shoes can only be used for bicycling.

Road-off, road-riding and casual cycling are three main types of bicycle shoes:

Road-ridding shoes are widely used these days for racing purpose. These shoes work nicely on hard surfaces, as they have stiff soles with nylon mesh uppers. In their higher-end versions, carbon fiber is used in soles that offer great lightness with exceptional stiffness. You can also adjust these shoes when you are on the road.

When it comes to off-road shoes, they are developed for soft surfaces like grass and loose soil. These shoes have lower-level cleat slots and offer higher traction than the road-ridding shoes. In some models, removable studs are also available that prove quite effective to easily tread the loose surfaces. The uppers of these shoes offer great protection and they are quite durable.

To those who just like cycling for fun, casual cycling shoes can serve their purpose best. These shoes are made of softer materials and lot more comfortable than the road-ridding or off-road shoes, as they allow wearers to walk with much ease and comfort. In some of these shows removable cleats are featured. Casual riding shoes are available in a wide array of sizes, designs and styles. These shoes are also coming in kids’ sizes.

If you are going to buy your bicycle shoes, you carefully check them, as these shoes must be a bit tighter than your usual shoes, but it doesn’t mean that you should pick a pair that uncomfortably tight to your feet. You must look for such sizes as give enough room to your toes so that they may stretch or curl with ease.

Bowling Shoes

Bowling shoes are specific to bowling only, as they are lightweight, comfortable and flexible and have an ideal design for bowling. Because of this very comfort and flexibility they prove quite helpful for players to get maximum performance when playing. Bowling shoes have a flat, smooth sole and this is the very feature which make bowling shoes difference from other athletics or sports shoes. Many manufactures are producing such bowling shoes these days as are quite comfortable and flexible, the makers of bowling shoes seem quite well aware of the fact that these shoes are used throughout the game, so it is quite important to make them as comfortable and flexible as possible.

When it comes to styles bowling shoes are available in right-handed as well as left-handed style. It is often confusing for the people who are new to this sport as use to wear non-bowling shoes in which it doesn’t matter a lot whether someone is a right-handed player or a left-hander.

These days various materials like micro-fiber, leather and rubber are being used in the making of bowling shoes. Bowling shoes are available with elastic straps, lined interiors and cushioned insoles these days. Similarly, an array of designs, styles and colors can be seen in these shoes. However, one thing is common in all these shoes, as they seem to offer maximum support and comfort during the game.

People, who want to know what the real difference between right-handed and left-handed is, must know that right-handed and left-handed players have different shoes support requirements when playing, one of these shoes help to slide while the other one for braking. A pair of bowling shoes is developed considering these very requirements of a bowling player. They are developed with such materials as make it quite easier for the players to smoothly slide and complete their delivery.

If you are going to buy bowling shoes, you must check various features and levels of comfort in different bowling shoes. Different suppliers are offering various styles and designs of bowling shoes that seem to provide maximum support in the game.

Shoe Fashion Tips and Advice

Choosing the right footwear is as essential as taking the right medicine. As a wrong medicine can prove fatal so can choosing wrong footwear. It is not only necessary to choose the right footwear for health purposes but it is also a critical task as it gives a proper uplift to your dress.

Leather HeelsThere are many aspects that can be helpful in selection of the right fit footwear. Complimenting footwear can make you look great whereas wearing wrong footwear can ruin all your efforts of looking attractive and impressive.

It is most important to figure out the look you are going to carry. Then think what type of footwear will compliment your dress and look. Different types of footwear are produced for different dresses, occasions, weathers, conditions, areas, gender and ages.

As for the selection of footwear for party one must choose designer’s shoes. While selecting these, you will have to keep in mind the color of your dress. To be on the safe side, select amongst the base colors; black and brown. By wearing one of these colors, you can save yourself from an over statement and loud dressing. It will make you look proportionate and define your look as a sophisticated one.

If you have planned to wear a tight fitting dress, then the right choice for you will be a sleek looking high heels, or more precisely Stiletto heels. They look great if the dress is short and provocative. Better, if the footwear you are going to buy is pointed, as it will make you look tall than you actually are. They give a curvy look to your feet which makes them quite attractive.

Going out for fun wearing jeans or any casual dress, then wedges are the perfect choice. They admit a modern and active look. Full sweep sun dresses are best complimented with wedges; they make more of summer wear. Also for summer time, there are sandals in a variety of styling in vibrant colors. Generally they too are used as a part of everyday dressing and can suit to almost all styles of clothing.

Platforms are more suitable if worn with knee low dresses. With a platform, the dress shouldn’t be tight fit; otherwise the harmony you are seeking will drop. They give a strong and heavy impression and a sleek looking dress would be a total out of balance.

No matter what dress are you wearing or where you are going, first priority should be given to comfort and durability.

Adidas Gruen Sneakers

Adidas Gruen Sneakers

Adidas Gruen Sneakers

Adidas, the main concern of Reebok is providing the world with a remarkable footwear experience in the shape of its products. For more than 80 years, Adidas is producing footwear aiming those who live a life full of energy. It is a renowned name in the world of sports, highly admired and used by top rated athletes. The base of their wide scope success is their superior performance qualities that help the athlete feel lighter and show up with their best abilities, letting them win competitions and awards.

Made with the passion to ‘make the best shoes possible’, Adidas is most famous amongst the sports like football, running, tennis, golf, and cricket. The wide range of footwear is manufactured for men, and women. Every now and then you can easily see Adidas logo and name on sports channels, and on athletes’ costumes, which is an evidence of the success, the brand enjoys.

With many technologies to make the best product that can match any physical activity requirements, it has an encircling line of sneakers. The most acclaimed amongst them are Adidas Gruen Sneakers which are unique in their manufacturing style. Adidas Gruen carries all the positive aspects of Adidas footwear that are light in weight, comfortably soft, strong and durable, perfect traction giving ultimate reliability and harmless top quality material.

Now with the addition to all these positives, another plus point is that Adidas’ Gruen collection is made from recycled and ‘Reground’ materials. It is an effort to produce environment friendly product to save the surroundings from further damages.

No doubt Adidas has used the recycled materials in the most efficient way possible. Along with the recycle material, the upper of the sneaker integrates with hemp and suede. Cork is used to make the signature stripes of the manufacturer on the sneaker.

Adidas Gruen is known to be characterized with Poli-Fresh anti bacterial, anti fungal insole that has been made from weaved basket material. Like other foot wear, they are also made in various designs and styles being beautified with attractive colors. The collection produces further styles that look captivating and practical altogether, like Forum Mid Gruen Spring 2009. It comes with a wooden button to fasten the sneaker, along with laces.

One of the latest in the line is ZX 500. With brilliant colors, this one is a sure to attract. It is made up with a combination of faux suede, nylon and very little leather. Though one may think that a product like Adidas Gruen made with recycled material would not be durable, but the product has proved to be one of the best innovative products.